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YosysHQ is the new home for the team maintaining Yosys and related Open Source EDA projects is the new home for the team maintaining Yosys and the related Open Source EDA projects, and the commercial products and services we offer.

Our team is led by N. Engelhardt as CEO, Claire Wolf as CTO, and Matt Venn as CSO. We are looking to work with more people, so feel free to contact us:

Tabby CAD Suite is a bundle of our well-known Open Source EDA software packages, combined with additional components that allow seamless integration of our tools in typical industrial digital design environments.

We also provide support and training for users of our Tabby CAD Suite package and for developers building their work on top of our open source projects.

In addition, we welcome opportunities to get involved with new projects large and small. We are looking to grow our collaborations with industry and academic partners on improving and expanding our synthesis, place and route, and formal verification flows.

We look forward to a positive relationship with the Open Source EDA community and external partners.

Make sure you visit our website and send us an email or tweet at us @YosysHQ to say hi!

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