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Yosys User's Group

We have recently started a Yosys User’s Group. You can see the minutes of our first 4 calls here.

If you’d like to join, then please sign up to the newsletter or follow us on:

# YUG 5 - SystemVerilog with Pulp’s SVase

# YUG 4 - all the plugins!

  • List of all the plugins we know of
  • Gabriel Gouvine talks about how he wrote a logic locking plugin
  • Martin Povišer talks about the Python plugin API

# YUG 3 - pick your primitives!

# YUG 2 - introducing EQY!

# YUG 1 - a new users group!

  • What people are using Yosys for,
  • How things can be improved,
  • Introducing our new tools,
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