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Yosys One Liners - AXI

The AXI spec says “On Manager and Subordinate interfaces, there must be no combinatorial paths between input and output signals.” If we have a design containing an AXI Manager or Subordinate as netlist (i.e. post proc) and the AXI ports contain axi_ we can check this automatically using this Yosys one liner:

flatten; select -assert-none i:*axi_* %coe* o:*axi_* %cie* %i

If that fails we can use show i:*axi_* %coe* o:*axi_* %cie* %i to then see the combinational path (or using dump/printattrs/select -list instead of show when the design is too large for show).

Here i:*axi_* %coe selects the combinational output cone of all input ports containing axi_ and o:*axi_* %cie* selects the combinational input cone of all output ports containing axi_ and %i takes the intersection of those two selections, leaving you with only the combinational paths that start and end in such an input/output.

We also flatten the design, as selecting input/output cones doesn’t work across submodules.

If you want to find out more about the Yosys select command, please read the documentation here.

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