Featured image of post Tabby CAD Suite version 20240116 released!

Tabby CAD Suite version 20240116 released!

The January release of Tabby CAD Suite is now available for download. Notable changes in this version include:

  • You can now pass arguments to tcl scripts from the command line by appending them at the end of the command, separated from the yosys arguments by “–”.

    yosys -c script.tcl – arg1 arg2

In other YosysHQ news:

  • We published a new community spotlight by Frans Skarman. Introducing us to Surfer, which is a new web-based waveform viewer with a focus on extensibility and a snappy user interface.
  • We are hiring! If you know anyone currently looking for a job developing EDA tools, let them know about our jobs page.

Happy New Year, The YosysHQ Team

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